177013 manga

177013 Manga is also known as the ‘Metamorphis manga/Emergence manga’. Shindo L, an American-Japanese mangaka, is the author of this manga. It was published between 2013 & 2016. This manga gained popularity online due to its dark and sad content. It is a hentai doujin. The main character is a girl and her name is Saki. She looks very depressed at first glance. Moving further we get to know that once she was quite famous around her friends but now she is not that cool. So, in order to look cool again Saki decides to do a makeover.

Here we get to know about why the manga is also known as Metamorphis. As in Metamorphis there is evolution just like that after the makeover of Saki she looks like she just evolved.

So, on a weekend she decides to go outside and have some fresh air and buy some fashion magazines. Hayato, the other main character in the story, is found there. He flirts with her and succeeds. Finally he took Saki to a karaoke.

In the karaoke it is not just singing that they enjoy, they enjoy something else too. Hayato knows how to get his way around girls so he took out a enhancing pill which will enhance the pleasure and give it to Saki. So, in the room they both enjoy a lot and Saki gets worked up and is lying in a pitiful condition. Hayato takes Saki home after she is drugged.

Hayato considers Saki a toy and adds Saki’s contact in Saki’s phone. So, he can call and play with her whenever he likes.

Why am I seeing the number 17703 in Anime Communities?

This question can be answered very simply by saying “it’s just a meme”. The manga have been trolling a lot. The reason the number 1 is missing is that it refers to an index/submission ID (it appears on the 177013th webpage of the website) for a certain hentai Manga on a well-known adult manga site.

The story in this manga ends so badly that it makes people feel depressed and in order to overcome that some people goes to the length of making their own version of this manga. Which is quite interesting as the main story have been trolled a lot on the internet.

The reason can also be that people usually like to show things which they thinks will shock you. It was just like Boku No Pico manga, which was trolled a lot before people began to read it out of curiosity.

Another thing is that You-tube plays an important role in this. Some youtubers who read this manga started to write reviews about it which sparked curiosity among some readers.

Many readers are keen into diving deep into dark stuff. It is an excellent choice for readers who are interested in reading about the dark side of life. But it can’t be said for all the readers and viewers.

177013 hentai